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Half Time is recognized around the world by just about every beer enthusiast as “The Source to buy beer”. Half Time has become the go to craft beer store both in Poughkeepsie, and now in Mamaroneck New York and the World’s #1 place to buy beer online. For everything from Abt 12 to Zywiec, no other online beer shop in the world offers the vast selection of domestic and international beer, the perfect beer club to fit any craft beer lover’s taste, and the right beer gift for any occasion.

Half Time features over 2,000 different beers from around the world which you can buy online, one bottle at a time if you wish. Our online beer store will take you on a journey and showcase a variety of beer gifts perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. We invite you to browse our online beer store with beer from hundreds of breweries both Domestic and International.

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Super Beer Search

Super Beer Search

When you’re not at the Half Time beer shop and can’t rely on one of our many trained beer enthusiasts, Super Beer Search is the next best thing. It can be as helpful as one of our trained staff members and may also prove to be a wonderful tool as you search the World Wide Web to buy beer online. Super Beer Search is designed to help novice and beer enthusiasts shop for beer they are looking for by searching the name or its attributes. This beer search features nine different attributes to help narrow your search for the perfect beer. Each drop down menu can be used in narrowing the search to find the perfect domestic or international beers.

Super Beer Search also breaks down Color Range and Hop Level. Color Range has been numbered 1 – 10, from lightest to darkest in color and Hop Levels have been numbered 1 – 5, where 1 has virtually little or no hops and 5 will knock your socks off. Let Half Time’s Super Beer Search simplify the time to purchase beer online.

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Beer Gift Ideas

Beer Gifts for All Occasions

Half Time has a collection of six different Beer Clubs, over 40 different Beer Gift Baskets and Beer Gift Sets you won’t find elsewhere. After a decade of seeing which beer gifts people love most, we’ve compiled a list of unique beer gift ideas for men and women sure to please even the most discerning beer enthusiast. Whether an anniversary, birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or holiday, Half Time will help you shop for beer and find the perfect beer gift. As the #1 online beer shop, we understand the importance offering a wide variety of beer gift ideas at affordable prices. And with every online order, you'll be able to choose a FREE greeting card to match the ocassion and personalize it with any delivery.

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Forty different Beer Gift Baskets

40 Beer Gift Baskets

Our forty beer baskets allow you to vicariously travel around the world. Take a trip to Brooklyn, visit the Island of Nantucket, sample the most unique beers of the world and taste America’s most Award Winning Beers without leaving your living room. Variety is the spice of life! That’s why we created forty different Beer Gift Baskets each featuring twelve different craft beers in each beer basket. Every beer basket is unique and feature either a variety of beer styles like IPA’s, Porters and Stouts, countries like Germany, Belgium, England or the United States, even a Big Apple Beer Basket so you can taste a bit of New York. Limited seasonal releases are also included during the months they are available and with an inventory of over 2,000 different beers, choosing what goes into each beer basket is easy. Beer baskets are one of our simplest beer gifts to choose from and each come with FREE SHIPPING and a FREE Greeting Card.

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A different Beer Club for everyone.

6 Beer Clubs 3, 6, 12 Months

Imagine not one but six different beer clubs each offering twelve beers from six different breweries. Depending on the beer club you choose, each month you’ll receive a wide range of beers that match the style of beer club you’ve chosen. Styles like hopped up ales, smooth lagers, dark porters and stouts, crisp pilsners, light pale ales, smooth wheat beers, Hefeweizens, and popular IPAs. Limited seasonal releases are also included during the months they are available! Offering this wide selection of beer clubs provides diversity and choice, an attribute over 100,000 beer club members have enjoyed since 2002. You will seldom see the same beer twice! In fact, we keep track of every shipment and make sure you receive twelve beers from six different breweries every month until we run out of unique beers from that beer club. The quality is unmatched and the freshness is guaranteed. We deliver rare finds, unique beers and new releases! Since shipping is FREE, the toughest part will be determining a three, six or twelve month subscription.

Every beer club shipment includes the latest edition of the Half Time monthly club newsletter. Here, you will have a full description detailing each beer in your beer club shipment including: The Name of the Beer, The Name of the Brewery, which Country or State the beer is from, the Style, level of Alcohol (ABV), Hop Level (1-5), Color of Beer (1-10), Food Pairing, and a short description of the brew. Explore the fascinating world of handcrafted beer!

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Free Greeting Cards

FREE Greeting Cards

When you shop for beer, a beer gift, or beer club, you’ll always be able to add that personal touch with a FREE personalized greeting card sent directly to the recipient. Choose from over 40 different greeting cards, one certain for that special occasion.

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