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Beer Party Planning

Choosing the Right Beer

Don’t be afraid, there is no wrong beer. With such a wide variety available, there is a good selection of beers for any occasion.  There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself.

1. Do I feel adventurous?

2. Am I reminiscing?

3. Will I pair this with a meal? 

4. Will I share these beers?

You may want to explore the strongest, darkest, hoppiest beers. You might want to venture into the world sour ales. We’ve created categories, not to classify beer to death, but to split up our inventory into a searchable body. Explore! 

Very often we can revisit the beers we shared in our happiest moments--semester abroad…pick your country, youth in another state…we’ve probably got those too. Is your friend homesick…we’ll send a care package for you. Want to celebrate Father’s Day with a case of Genny Cream Ale for Dad? We can do that.

Meals are a vast topic. Beer in general pairs quite nicely with everything. Here’s a simple guideline: avoid letting the strength of the beer overpower the meal. Delicate foods don’t like big bold beers and vice versa. Lighter Colored Belgians go well with spice as do lagers and hoppy beers. Chicken pairs magnificently with almost all beers in the middle of the color spectrum. Big beers are for dessert and afterwards.

Keep your company in mind. The beer you choose should compliment the tone of the evening. Camping with the guys puts you in a different mood than meeting the in-laws. Keep geography in mind. Are your guests from a country that’s a major beer producer? Surprise them with the familiar. 


Holding a Tasting

There is never an exam. Beer is great because it is not a pretentious beverage. You have total freedom in the tasting you wish to host. Here are some suggestions:

Determine if there will also be food. If so keep the following in mind. Hoppiness goes well with spice. Maltiness goes well with red meat. Beers in the mid range of colors pair well with Chicken, Pork and Fish. Big Beers pair well with dessert.  

As a general rule, for a moderate tasting plan on about 16 oz. per person, per tasting. Beyond that you may want a cache of beer for general enjoyment. This could be the previously sampled beer or a safe and solid alternative.

Keep geography and styles in mind. Consider a Belgian Tasting or an American Barleywine Tasting. The choice is yours.

Each new beer needs a new, clean, clear glass.

Do your homework. General knowledge of region, style and history of the brewery will go a long way making the beer relevant to your palate.

Cleanse your palate between samples. Peanuts, water and plain popcorn are all excellent choices.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Any beer you can’t remember is wasted. Enjoy responsibly.

Your Party

Very often we’re asked how many kegs a customer should purchase for a party. We usually ask how many people will be attending and how much they plan to drink. The table below is designed to give you a clearer idea of exactly how much beer is in each keg. If you think your guests will drink a lot, plan on 4, 12 oz cups per guest…if you think they’ll drink a little, plan on 1.5 cups per guest.  

  Common Keg Sizes


Number of 12 oz Cups per Keg

½ BBL Keg


15.5 Gallons


¼ BBL Keg


7.75 Gallons


50L Keg


13.2 Gallons


5 Gal. Keg (1/6 BBL)


5 Gallons



It is our opinion that variety is the key to a successful party. Rather than one big keg of macro lager we suggest that you purchase two smaller kegs of different beer. You’ll spend roughly the same amount of money, and your party will be far more memorable. Our trained staff will be happy to help you plan your event and suggest beers that will suit the occasion. We’ll be happy to make arrangements for keg delivery.