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Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery

Location: USA

Style: Weizen Bock

ABV: 6 - 8%

Color Rating: 3

Hop: 2


Brooklyn Weizenhammer stands tall in the glass, radiating a hazy, deep golden hue and raising a pillowy white foam as beautiful as the songs of old. A big, brash weizenbock, the Weizenhammer smashes in with a rush of bold, juicy flavors and a bright zing of hops, then veers to a surprisingly dry finish. ...

Tasting Notes

Weizenhammer from Brooklyn Brewery is an Weizen Bock style beer, medium in color, is slightly hoppy, has an ABV of 7.8% and is available in-store or at our online beer store. ...

Food Pairing

This Weizenbock style beer is best paired with German foods specifically grilled meats. It also pairs well with chocolates for dessert.